Fall Out Boy-Save Rock and Roll



A lot of Fall Out Boy fans were divided by the musical shifts this band made before their hiatus after listening to their last album Folie a Deux in 2008. Some felt that they were simply growing and progressing as a band, others felt they simply sold out. If you were a part of the group that felt the latter, Save Rock and Roll is not for you, because this album is Fall Out Boy’s most Top 40 accessible album to date, taking some of the progressive elements of Folie a Deux and dumbing it down slightly to get a few more radio spins. 

What doesn’t change about these guys is the amount of energy put into each track and the album starts off extremely strong with “The Phoenix” and never really slowing itself down with the exception of the stand-out “Young Volcanoes.” You’ll find yourself singing aloud without even knowing it and move even move around a bit, but if you’re an original FOB fan before the fame, you’ll wonder if they have changed to the point where you’re not sure if you like them for them if or if you like them because they sound like a brand new band.

I liked the album, personally but my only true issue is the guest appearances. I have NEVER liked Fall Out Boy with guest appearances; Patrick’s voice is more than good enough to carry a song. 

Overall, Fall Out Boy plows through an exciting set of new music. The older fans may not like it much, but Fall Out Boy may have just released an album that will take them back to the radio waves in a way they never imagined. 

3 1/2 out of 5 

Key Tracks: The Phoenix, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark, Young Volcanoes


































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